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Election workers sort early ballots in October 2020, at the Maricopa county recorder’s office in Phoenix. But the county has already conducted two separate audits of the 2020 election and found no irregularities. The Republican decision to continue to investigate the results, months after they were certified by both county and state officials, extends the life of election conspiracy theories. The audit also comes as Arizona Republicans are advancing legislation in the state that would make it harder to vote by mail. “They’re trying to find something that we know doesn’t exist,” said Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, who serves as the state’s top election official. “It’s ludicrous that people think that if they don’t like the results they can just come in and tear them apart.” David Becker, an election administration expert and the executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research, said the effort was so shoddy he was hesitant to acknowledge it as a legitimate investigation. “I’ve never seen an ‘audit’ that was remotely similar, and given the fundamental flaws, I don’t think this process can even be described as an audit,” he said in an email. Other voting rights groups have expressed similar concerns. Fight to vote: why US democracy is at a tipping point – video “At this point, additional audits will have little value other than to stoke conspiracy theories and partisan gamesmanship – or worse,” the groups, which included the Carter Center in Atlanta and the Brennan Center for Justice, wrote in a letter to the Arizona senate earlier this month. “In short, this appears to be a decision driven by politics rather than a search for the truth.” Alarm over the audit has escalated in recent weeks after Republicans announced the firms that would be leading the effort. The company that will lead the audit, a Florida-based company called Cyber Ninjas , is led by Doug Logan, who supported several baseless conspiracy theories about the election. In December, he retweeted a post that questioned the validity of Maricopa’s ballot count and falsely said Trump may have gotten 200,000 more votes than were reported in Arizona, according to the Arizona Mirror , which first reported his involvement in the audit. He also made statistical comparisons between elections in Venezuela and the 2020 race in a tweet that included a “stop the steal” hashtag, according to the Mirror. Cyber Ninjas is not accredited by the US Election Assistance Commission to inspect voting machines, the Washington Post reported. “You’re bringing in this firm that’s on a treasure hunt,” Hobbs said. “They are not qualified, they don’t even know what they’re doing.” It’s not clear how Cyber Ninjas was chosen to lead the audit. Karen Fann, the president of the Arizona senate, did not return a request for comment. In an interview with One America News Network, a far right news outlet, Fann said the audit was needed to answer questions about the 2020 election. “It is our job to make sure those laws are followed to the T, that they are always above reproach, and if we find any mistakes, we need to fix it and or report it,” she told the outlet. The Arizona pop over to this website state senate is renting a Phoenix arena to conduct the audit and there is growing scrutiny over how the process is being funded.


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Air Forces Central ’s 609th Air Operations Center made history this week when it became the first AOC to operationally utilize the Kessel Run All Domain Operations Suite to plan and execute the Master Air Attack Plan. The KRADOS suite of applications, which was developed by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center ’s Detachment 12—also known as Kessel Run—is being implemented to phase out the legacy Theater Battle Management Core System, and is the future system for all AOCs across the Air Force. “This is an extremely important moment for the command and Air Force,” basics said Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot , 9th Air Force (Air Forces Central) commander. “Improving the Air Tasking Order process makes AFCENT and our distributed command and control capabilities more efficient, and this innovation will also help improve AOC operations across the Air Force and in other combatant commands.” KRADOS streamlines the ATO process by automating planning functions previously completed manually or through stand-alone systems or applications. “This is the biggest systems advancement the AOC has made since it first started using TBMCS in the 1990s,” said Col. Frederick Coleman, 609th AOC commander. “We’ve been utilizing KRADOS in a beta environment since December, and these warfighters helped take that beta system and bring it online. Today we are seeing it work operationally for the first time in our very own AOC.” Aside from streamlining the ATO process, KRADOS is vital when it comes to improving AFCENT’s ability to distribute operations from multiple locations, Coleman said. “There are three main lines of effort in distributed operations: people, systems and facilities,” he explained. “KRADOS is essential to the systems line of effort. Cloud-based, automated, connected systems are the heart of distributed ops. Legacy, localized systems like what we’ve been using anchor us to a fixed position and create a single point of failure.” The software improvement marks another innovation success for AFLCMC’s Kessel Run. With its user-centered approach to development, Kessel Run’s mission is to rapidly deliver combat capabilities to warfighters and revolutionize the Air Force software acquisition process. Since 2017, the 609th AOC has been using other applications from Kessel Run, including Jigsaw, their tanker planning app, and Slapshot, which builds the Master Air Attack Plan. In December, after receiving a request from the 609th AOC, Kessel Run delivered the KRADOS suite of nine applications, which the AOC has been beta-testing and using in tandem with the legacy system. “This is another benchmark for success in our efforts to modernize the AOC Weapon System,” said Col. Brian Beachkofski, Kessel Run commander. “We are committed in our efforts to take our users’ feedback and provide solutions to win tomorrow's fights, today.